The OEC 2014 takes you to southwestern Germany. This is where Stuttgart lies. Stuttgart is the capital of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg in Germany. Germany consists of 16 federal states that all have their regional government and, for example, different school systems.

Stuttgart itself and the surrounding areas have a lot to offer – so maybe you’d like to do some sight-seeing or you’d like to extend your stay here with us. So here are some things you need to know (apart from what offers you as a general overview):

Stuttgart from A to Z

Stuttgart has a lot to offer when it comes to art. There is, for example, the “Staatstheater Stuttgart” – the world’s largest theatre that combines actual theatre, opera and ballet. Normally, you have to book tickets half a year in advance – but you might be lucky, so give it a try if you’re interested.
The “Staatsgalerie Stuttgart” is well-known for its presitigous exhibitions.

Stuttgart city alone has at least 5 breweries. The 2 biggest are “Stuttgarter Hofbrau” and “Dinkelacker Schwabenbräu”. Please be careful when drinking our beer. It’s said to be the purest in the world, but it’s also very strong!

Cannstatter Wasen
The Cannstatter Wasen is the area where the world’s second largest outdoor fair, a so-called “Fest” takes place. It’s smaller only than the “Oktoberfest” in Munich, and yes, a lot of beer is drunk there. It takes place from September till October – which is good for you because there’s a lot of traffic and tons of people from all over the world going there…

cars, cars, cars
Did you know that it was a certain Mr. Carl Benz who actually invented the car in 1886? And where is he from? Exactly. That’s why Stuttgart is one of the most important economic regions of Southern Germany. It’s here where Daimler Benz or Mercedes Benz has its roots. So why not visit the Mercedes Benz Museum in the middle of Stuttgart?

Right, you don’t like Mercedes….
What about Porsche? Well there was this Ferdinand Porsche who built his first car 1931 in Stuttgart. Maybe you would like to visit the Porsche museum or the actual manufacturing place?

Well, that’s important to us. “Essen” just means “food”. Swabian food is quite hearty, meaning we like carbohydrates in the form of potatoes, or, most of all “Spätzle” – a typical type of handmade pasta you only get here. But what’s most important here: gravy. We eat everything with gravy: pasta, potatoes and even our “Kartoffelsalat”- a salad made out of potatoes. One of the most important dish here in Swabia is “Maultaschen”. You get them in every form: baked or fried, with vegetarian stuffing, sliced in pieces together with salad, in a soup or just as they are. You can compare them with the Italian Ravioli, only that they’re way better 🙂
A legend says that they were invented on Good Friday so that people could still eat meat because it was covered by dough. That’s how they got their regional name of “Herrgottsbscheisserla” – meaning as much as “a way of outsmarting god”.

The Neckar is the river that flows through Stuttgart and follows the Rhine in Mannheim up to the North Sea.

There are 2 Marbachs in this area. One is very close, it’s called “Marbach am Neckar” and this is where Friedrich Schiller, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s best friend, comes from. And there’s the Marbach stud, a state stud that breeds lovely horses, regional breeds, as well as Egyptian Arabs. Unfortunately, it’s 1.5 hrs away from Stuttgart centre.
Friedrich schiller.jpg

5 minutes away from the trade fair centre is the so called “SI-Centrum”, an indoor entertainment area with cinema, bars, a casino (black tie!!!), an indoor pool and 2 musical theatres is situated. They are currently playing “Tarzan” and “Mamma Mia”, it’s in German though.

The Schlossplatz is right at the centre of Stuttgart city.It’s where the castle Stuttgart is situated. Whenever you’re lost in the city, ask for the Schlossplatz, everyone will know.

That’s the region Stuttgart lies in. People from Swabia are called “Schwaben”. Stereotypically they are said to be very direct, often impolite niggards that often complain, like to have their pavement clean and love their own house. We hope that you experience us in a more friendly way!

Thea area around Stuttgart is very sunny, that’s why we produce our own wine here. It’s called “Württemberger” and you should give it a try – it’s not as bad as it sounds.


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