white dogs


Cora Czermak with Steps (Angel vom Schmetterlingshaus) and Pelle (Always Prepared Dacapo)

I have been competing at Dogdance tournaments for several years. My five dogs (all of different breeds) and I focus on the „Freestyle“ discipline.

Because I started going to college last year I could not compete at the German „OEC“ qualification tournament. That is why I am happy to accept the invitation to bring two of my younger dogs to thetournament as „white dogs“.

Steps is a Papillon male dog. He will dance during the „Freestyle“ day. Steps just turned three years old and has been dancing hisway up into the highest class in just a few months. It brings great joy to practice with him since he always seems to be enthusiastic and willing to learn.

With Pelle, a 4-year-old Petit Basset Griffon, I will danceduring „Heelworkto Music“ day. Pelle will besomekindofa „whitedogsubstitute“ because he, too, normallycompetes in the „Freestyle“ class. Pelle ismyclownandmyslobwhichprobablyis due tohisbreed. Attournaments he usuallymakesspecatatorsandjudgessmile – I hopehe’ll manage to do just that in Stuttgart, too!

We arelookingforwardtothe „OEC“ andwewish all thecompetingteamsthebestofluck!



Beate Rukatukl and Ylvi

Ylvi and I live only about 40 minutes away from Stuttgart and we are looking very much forward tot he opportunity to start as a „White Dog“ at the OEC. Ylvi is a 5 year old female Australian Shepherd. We have been training Dogdance ( Freestyle ) for about three an a half years now and we both have a lot of fun doing it. Ylvi likes to learn new tricks and often has her own ideas. But primarily she is the family dog . My two sons and Ylvi always have so much fun together. Ylvi’s specialty is to steal candys from the children’s rooms. Moreover Ylvi is a very agile dog and needs a lot of workout. Therefore I often take her to extended runs alongside my bicycle.



Sarah Appelt and Chari



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