The Netherlands

Picture Grietje Wagenaar OEC 2014 The Netherlands

Grietje Wagenaar and Floris

Hello my name is Grietje Wagenaar, and i am proud to be in the Dutch National Team selection for OEC 2014

Floris is the dog that I compete with, in the Freestyle division. He is a very high motivated dog and can be very explosive. Working with him is always a challenge. I like his style and energy, it makes me happy. Right now we are working towards a new routine and enjoy every minute of our trainings sessions.

Looking forward to see all the other participants again.

I wish everybody a save trip and great time during the OEC 2014,   See you soon and good luck;-)


Picture Marina Delsink OEC 2014 The Netherlands
Marina Delsink and Gwydion

Hi, my name is Marina Delsink and mydance partner is Gwydion, a seven year old Belgian Shepherd Tervueren. I am very happy to be part of the Dutch Team for the fifth time and I am looking forward to a great time at the OEC Stuttgart. Not only to perform our own routine but also to enjoy all the other routines a lot!!
Gwydion is the Dutch HTM champion of 2012 and 2013. Both years we also made it to the finals during the OEC’s,to my big surprise. I do not know what this year will bring us, but my goal, as always is, to prepare Gwydion and myself the best we can and give the best performance we can. We will enjoy every little second of it!

I like to share the following quote (author unknown) withyou:

‘We are in competition with no one
We run our own race
We have no desire toplay the game of
being better than anyone in any way, shape, or form
We just aim to improve, to be better we were before
That’s us and we’re FREE

See you,

Marina & Gwydion

Picture Djuna Brigitte van Gestel OEC 2014 The Netherlands Picture Amazy Brigitte van Gestel OEC 2014 The Netherlands

Brigitte van Gestel with Djuna and A’Mayzie

It’s such a great pleasure to be in the Dutch National team again. For the fourth time we will be representing Holland in both Heelwork to music as Freestyle. My 6 year old bordercollie bitch Djuna and I will compete in HTM. Working Djuna in the ring is such a joy, you can see ( and hear, he,he) she loves to dance. It will be the first time forA’Mayzie, my young 2 yearold bordercollie bitch to compete at such a big event like OEC. We’re looking forward to show the world how amazing she is 😉

We wish all handlers and dogs a great time at the OEC. Enjoy your time!


Picture Marina Krom OEC 2014 The Netherlands

Marina Krom and Bikkel

My name is Marina Krom and I will enter the Heelwork To Music competition for the second time with my Schipperke; Bikkel (Johnny the little black devil) who is 3 years old.

I dance for a few years in the Advanced in national and international championships. In 2008 me and my family were able to win the World Champion Group title. I became Dutch Champion Heelwork To Music Overall with my Australian Cattle Dog Morris in 2010. And also with my Schipperke Bikkel I became Dutch Champion Heelwork To Music Overall 2013.

Right now I will enter the competition with my Schipperke who enters Heelwork competitions for two year at the moment. Bikkel adores the obedience so much that I decided to show his talent in the Heelwork. I am excited to show the world you can do Heelwork with a small dog. I hope you will enjoy our routine just as much as I do. I am proud to be one of the combinations of the Dutch Dog Dance Team. I’m looking forward to OEC 2014.


Picture Wies Koelewijn OEC 2014 The Netherlands
Wies Koelewijn and Maybel

Hi, I am Wies Koelewijn

I am dancing with my dog Maybel , which is a smooth collie. She is 8 years old.

I had to come a long way, before I got to the point where we are now. Maybel was nervous and anxious and she never fully trusted her environement. Always concerned something might happen…

After years of struggeling and lots and lots of patience, I am so proud to be part of the dutch OEC team. To be able to compete with Europe’s finest dog dancers!! I could really cry, seeing what we have overcome. Maybeltought me that dog training is not so much teaching the tricks but more about trust and friendship and willing to understand each other.

She will always be my precious princess, whatever happens at OEC. I know she will give her best for me and I give her my best. That way, we always win!

I am dancing with dogs for 12 years now. I also am an official judge. Last year I was one of the three judges at OEC in the Netherlands. I truly believe that dogdance is the most difficult dog sport of them all, but when it all comes together, it is magic!

I wish you all happy dancing and looking forward to seeing you all!


XXX   WiesKoelewijn   (the three kisses are dutch trademark J)



Tanja Leblanc and Chendo

Hi I am Tanja Leblanc, together with my 5 year old Rottweiler Out of the Blue (aka Chendo) I will participate in Heelwork to Music.

My Dog Dancing career started in 2007 with Faith, also a Rottweiler who we had to say goodbye to in April of this year. In 2009 I got Chendo and with him I have participated at the OEC in Denmark 2011 and the World Championship in Austria 2012. Most important for us is to have fun during training and competition. Something we have been working on really hard over the past years. To participate in Dogdancing with a Rottweiler is a huge challenge due to the high level of independence this breed shows.

I am honoured to represent the Netherlands as individual participant.

Chendo and I would like to take this opportunity to welcome everybody and wish you best of luck.

See you in Stuttgart!


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