The Swedish OEC Team

in Heelwork to Music:

sweden6 sweden7 sweden9 sweden10 sweden11

  • Susann Wastensson & Nice of You To Come Bye Mr My Only One (Sting)
  • Anita Axelsson & Windann’s Emmi (Emmi)
  • Anna Larsson & Emenem’s Fonzie (Fonzie)
  • Erika Johansson & Pine Garden’s Nej-lihka (Oggie)
  • Reserve: Anna Wass & Vita Herdens Tim (Tim)

Susann has unfortunately taken ill and will not be able to go to the OEC. The rest of us will try to make her proud and hope that she’ll soon be dancing again!

This means that Anna and Tim will be competing instead of doing a display routine.

Anita & Emmi

Emmi is a five year old border collie (short hair). She trains HTM, agility, tricks and herding.

Susann & Sting

Sting is a three year old border collie (blue merle). He does HTM, obedience and herding. This is Stings first year on the swedish team but Susann has competed at several previous championships with her older dog Frodo.

Anna & Fonzie

Fonzie’s full name is Gk vallh pr RLD N RLD M SE HTM CH Emenems Fonzie. He is a nine year old border collie who started out competing in agility and herding. Due to an accident he had to retire from these disciplines and he now competes very sucessfully in rally-obedience and HTM. Anna and Fonzie are relatively new to HTM but Anna is very glad to have found new interesting challenges for them. They have very fun together , love training and love the extra spice of training to music! Fonzie is a happy, crazy and very fast dog with a great heart and hopefully he’ll be able to do HTM for many years to come 🙂

Erika & Oggie

Oggie is a five year old pug. She loves to work and she’s probably Erikas ”once in a life time” dog. Erika and Oggie made their OEC debute in 2011 (when Oggie was two years old). Hopefully we have improved a bit since then 😉

Anna & Tim

Anna and Tim are the swedish reserves in heelwork-to-music. Tim is a nine year old White Swiss Shepherd Dog. In his youth he trained obedience and competed freestyle. Last year he started Beginners HTM and now he’s going to the OEC! Fur fun, he also competes team freestyle (with Oggie) and qualified for the Swedish Team Championships 2014.


in Freestyle:

sweden1 sweden2 sweden3 sweden4 sweden5

  • Frida Setherberg & Force Galaxie’s Fairy Bell (Minoo)
  • Yvonne Öster & Nice of You To Come Bye Eternal Love (Vera)
  • Johanna Lehman & Occis Aim For Fame (Selma)
  • Erika Johansson & Pine Garden’s Nej-lihka (Oggie)
  • Reserve: Anita Axelsson & Byssegårdas Vicki Jo (Vicki)

Unfortunately Vicki broke a tooth and won’t be able to go to the OEC. She’s on the mend and will hopefully soon make a full recovery. The OEC organizers have kindly decided that Vicki’s son Anton (Sheepax Anton Jo) can tag along as team mascot and do a show routine in his mothers place.

Yvonne & Vera

Yvonne and Vera competes freestyle at the OEC. Vera is a border collie. She’s five years old and mad as a hatter. This is Veras debut on the big scene. She LOVES to train and learn new things. She trains freestyle, HTM, obediance and herding.

Frida and Minoo

Minoo is a four year old Australian Shepherd. She trains and competes freestyle, agility, obedience, rally-obedience and HTM. This is Frida and Minoos debute at a championship competition.

Johanna & Selma

Selma is a seven year old Kerry Blue Terrier. She competes freestyle and team freestyle (with a couple of tollers).

Erika & Oggie

Erika and Oggie competes both freestyle and HTM at the OEC this year since Hanna Eriksson and Grizzly couldn’t make it. Oggie trains and competes HTM, freestyle, rally-obedience, agility and obedience. She loves working but can get a tad upset if her handler itn’t up to par.

Anita & Vicki

Anita and Vicki are the swedish freestyle reserves. Vicki is a Shetland Sheepdog. She is seven years old and this is her debut at a championship. Vicki also competes in agility and trains tricks.


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