Monika Olsovska_Arsi
Monika Olšovská and Arsi

Monika and Arsi are permanent part of slovak representation. Their feeling for stories, high difficulty, and perfect interpretation of music means in this case dramatic experience for a publicum. Tears in eyes of publicum are not a curiosity in this case, Monika is great actor and perfect choreographer. Everything is possible can by motto for this team.


Adriana Tomekova_Teddy

Adriana Tomeková and Teddy

Adriana and her wonderful Teddy, 6 years old golden retriever. Teddy has name of his character, he is teddy-bear with heart, loving his family and able to do whatever what will be fun with his owner. Adriana is proud that she has such an amazing dog and of course she can trust Teddy in high difficult choreographies. With this team publicum always has fun because of Adriana’s funny ideas for her free styles.


Nikola Detariova_Blissa

Nikola Detáriová and Blissa

Nikola and Blissa are youngest team representing Slovakia. Dance is Nikola’s passion in whole life, so she decided on their first OEC championship for a disco style. Dance for a dynamic music and feeling for rhytm is strongest side of Nikola. And to be a best friend and best dancing partner, that is part for 3 years old border collie Blissa.

Lucia Imbergerova_Deril

Lucia Imbergerová and Deril

Lucy and lakenois Deril are unicate team in Slovakia. Deril joined Slovakia as a second lakenois in history of this country, and as a first dancing belgian sheperd. His ability to learn new tricks, pretty style of heelwork, and love to work and dance, makes him an ideal dancing partner. Lusy choosed a music where she can show not only her dog dancing, but her dancing skills too – in style of a cheerleader.


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