My dog dance history started back in 2006, when I first competed in Freestyle with my male

Italian Greyhound, Luce (2 years old at that time) in Japan. Mr.Attila Szkukalek was the judge at

the competition. Since then, I have been really into European style dog dance.

L’ala, who I am competing with at the OEC, is a 2 year old black Labrador mix. I got her from my friend when she was a puppy. Her father (black Lab) and her mother (yellow Lab mix) were found in the forest wondering together and taken to the shelter. My friend went to the shelter and saw those two dogs and decided to take the female one home. Later on, my friend found out that the female dog was pregnant. Because she had been wondering for such a long time and was so skinny that she was pregnant with only one puppy. And this is how L’ala came to the world. I believe L’ala was born with a lot of luck.

It’s like a dream come true for me to be able to compete at the OEC.
Because L’ala is still a very young dog (2 years old) and this will be her first experience going abroad, we might feel a bit nervous but we will try to have the best time in Stuttgart together!!



My name is Asako Otsuka. 
I participated in the OEC last year and this will be my 2nd time.

I will be competing with the same partner as last year, Pepper, a 9 year-old male border collie.

He used to have beautiful black and white coat, but recently he has some gray hair coming in.

He sure is getting older, but as he gets older, I think the bond between us is getting stronger and stronger.

I organized a dog dance workshop in Japan last June and it was a great success.

I’m planning to keep organizing dog dance events like that hoping that in the near future, there will be more people from Japan competing at the OEC.
This year, there will be 3 pairs from Japan competing at the OEC including myself.

I hope our experience at the OEC will help bring up the level of dog dance in Japan.
I will participate in both HTM and Freestyle this year.

I am a bit nervous because this will be our first time to compete in both HTM and Freestyle, but I will do my best to enjoy myself and have the best time with my dear partner, Pepper.

Picture2_Akemi Itsui Picture1_Akemi Itsui

Akemi Itsui & Rintarou

I enjoy Freestyle with my two Maltese, Suzunosuke(15-year old male) and Rintarou(11-year old male).

I will participate in the OEC with Rintarou and I am already getting excited and at the same time, nervous.

I first performed at a competition in 2008, where Kath Hardman and Karen Sykes were invited as a judge.

Suzunosuke and I participated in that competition without having enough practice so we couldn’t show our best performance but it sure was one of the most memorable experiences for us.

Since then I’ve been fascinated by Freestyle.

I’ve enjoyed Freestyle with Rinarou for 4 years but it has not always been easy. Rintarou is a very cheerful friendly dog but he can be a bit timid and cautious sometimes so he can’t always show his best performance at competitions. It looks like Rintarou has gained confidence through his experiences but participating in the OEC still is a bit of a challenge for us.
I will be very honored to be at the OEC. Too bad my other Maltese, Suzunosuke won’t be able to be there but I will try my best to enjoy this valuable experience with Rintarou.
I am so looking forward to meeting everyone and seeing all the great performances live.
Finally, I would like to thank my teammates who gave me the chance to be part of this wonderful event!



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