A warm welcome to the Italian participants:
Chiara Meccoli and Thunder
Thunder and I are in love with Dogdance for the great complicity that has created between us, and has strengthened our understanding in other disciplines that we practice . We did a lot of races but the spirit with leathers participate in the OEC is to get into the game grow and above all have fun.
thank you very much


barbara barbara2

 Barbara Cristallini and Dana

I’m Barbara Cristallini 49 years old, I was born in Rome, now I’m living in Udine (near Venice).
I’m a  Natural Sciences teacher in the hight school and I’m ENCI dog trainer.
I like, sport, trekking, music and dance (ethnic and belly-dance).
I’m working with dogs from about 16 years mainly in Agility-Dog.
I started to work in Dog-Dance about 3 years ago.
I leave with my husband and 4 Border Collies.
Dana is a border collie 4 years old, we both like to work (play) together in different activities, like agility, disc-dog, sheepdog.  
We like very much trekking, so we go often in the mountain.
We have fun dancing together, she is a perfect partner for me.

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