Great Britain

The Team Representing Great Britain


TEAM GBR and Supporters

Left to Right   Karen Sykes, David Hardman, Kath Hardman, Christina Oxtoby, Nicci Hindson, Lesley Neville, Lucy Creek, Helen Dennis, Roger Neville, Dylan Smith and Team Co-Ordinator in GB Carol Mortimer.


The Kennel Club of Great Britain has once again given permission to Carol Mortimer of Louth and District Dog Club to enter a team to represent Great Britain at the OEC. Louth & District Dog Club are very proud of Team GBR and wish them the best of luck for 2014 at Stuttgart.


The HTM Team GBR Members (in alphabetical order)

Lucy Creek has been training dogs for about 11 years and involved in Heelwork to Music for 8 years. She has tried many different disciplines (agility, obedience, working trials, etc) but HTM is the one she loves most, as there are no fixed moves to perform and it allows a freedom to choose moves that best suit the dog’s size, shape and personality. Teasel (8yr beagle) is on the Freestyle Team and Skiffle (5yr Border Collie) is on the HTM Team and is reserve for Freestyle. Both have their individual quirks and both love their sport!

Helen Dennis is a member of the heelwork team representing Great Britain with her dog Maia. Maia is a five year old, black and white, working sheepdog. Helen says that Maia is a loving dog who loves nothing better than curling up on your knee for a cuddle!



Kath Hardman is a member of the HTM Team with Amber (9yrs) Red & White BC and Denby (3yrs) Black and White BC and also a member of the Freestyle Team with Spice (12yrs) her loveable crossbreed. Kath is also HTM Team GBR Manager whilst in Germany and is looking forward to meeting friends both old and new – and to a great Championship in Stuttgart. Good Luck everyone!


Nicci Hindson began competing in HTM in 2005. Since then, it has taken over her life! She performed at Crufts with her older dog, Leo in 2012 and with Nala in 2014.Nala is a 3 year old WSD and is a sensitive girl, but growing in confidence every day. It is a dream come true to dance with her at the OEC’s


Lesley Neville is proud to be the Freestyle Team Leader this year.
She competed with her Bearded Collies in the OEC Denmark in 2011 with Angus and in 2013 Holland with Hamish.
Lesley is looking forward to meeting friends past and present in Stuttgart this year and would like to wish all the competitors the very best of luck, but especially……   Good Luck Team GBR!!!!


Christina Oxtoby and her 8 yr Border Collie Eze are delighted to be on the British Team. Eze has turned into a sweet, loving, fun friend and dance partner who’s a joy to dance with – he loves his Freestyle! Highlights of their time performing together include Crufts 2014 and the OEC Holland 2013. Christina shares her life and home with Great Dane, Ru and young collie, Shai, as well as her wonderfully supportive husband, David.



Karen Sykes – sadly due to ill health, Karen has had to withdraw former OEC Champion Fly this year, but as HTM Team Leader she is keen to fully support the British Team. With her wealth of experience in competing Internationally she is well qualified to help the entire Team produce their best, both in training and at the Open European Championships.


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