As the hosting country, we’re especially proud to take part in the OEC 2014:


Lizzy_02 Lizzy_01

Sandra Roth & Lizzy

I started doing Freestyle with my older dog Nana. But she has hip dysplasia and she may not run and jump extensively. Lizzy has been learning tricks and freestyle moves since she was a puppy. But we’ve had many problems and she was not an easy dog. So our main focus for the first 3 years was on her social behaviour and not on dog sports. We are still struggeling, but Freestyle also helps us to overcome some problems and challenges.

We have been doing performances for 2 years now and we are competing in freestyle for one year now. We also fell in love with Heelwork to Music which just comes naturally to her (and to me as well).
I have been a ballet and jazz dancer for over 24 years now. Freestyle and HTM combine my two hobbies (or passions): dogs and dance. So this is the perfect sports for us. And Lizzy gets more and more confident and our relationship has improved a lot. She is also starting to enjoy the attention by the audience.

Other than dancing we also do some obedience training, we do Treibball, scent work, lunging, dog scootering and whatever is fun for both of us.


DSC00148-001 DSC00123-002

Carmen Mayer & Darwin
I was fascinated with dogdance even before I saw it live. That’s why I entered my very first dog into the Winterthur dogdance competition in 2004, he being 2 and me being 18 years old.  My beagle Lou is now 12 years old and still competes in senior class despite his hip dysplasia and arhthritis, just because he insists upon it. Together with him, I had numerous dogdance adventures and started my judges education and was lucky enough to also compete in the UK.
Darwin,  my second dog, is the one I qualified for the German Heelwork to Music team. He’s just incredible, I just love his attitude, despite him being a Beagle, he’s always 100%. He’s British, by the way, with an English mum and a Scottish dad, being born in County Durham – so maybe we get some cheers from our British friends as well 🙂 I just love dogdance and the great thing is, that Darwin loves it, too. As a young dog, I offered him obedience, agility and dogdance and lucky for me, he picked the right sport. In our dogdance-free time, we’re out and about in the beautiful Lake Constance area and in the Alps and we regularly do Mantrailing – my beagles’ 2nd hobby.
I hope everyone enjoys the OEC as much as we’ll do, and please enjoy the region as well, because it’s what I’d call “home”.

All the best to judges, competitiors and organisers!


Katja Pohlers with Pepsi and Schwups

I really love the freestyle, because I love to dance a story.
Pepsi is my always and ever motivated girl- she loves the freestyle the same like me.
With her and one of my other bitches, I was already at the OEC Prag.
I love the freestyle and love to be creative with my dogs.
I´m Border Collie breeder with heart and soul. At the moment I have 11 Border Collies and 2 different breeds.
With Schwups first class 3 routine we could qualified for her first OEC. And also I have already 3 children from Schwups which are very promising Dogdancers.
Johanna Schmidt and Benji

Benji and I are a Freestyle-Team since 2012 and we are doing HTM since 2013. My boyfriend and I chose Benji when he was 3 weeks old and we fell in love with him at first sight. Benji is my first sport-dog and I start to love canine Freestyle because of Benji.Benji is a Puli, which is a very active hungarian herding dog and they are very intelligent, loyal, strong-minded and brave little dogs. The Pulis fur is their most obvious characteristic. The dreadlocks are swinging so nicely when the Pulis are running and jumping.Benji is a typical and very happy Puli. He enjoys life and is enthusiastic about discovering the world, even when he’s a bit too brave sometimes. He’s also very sensitive because whenever I’m not in a good mood he tries to cheer me up and will stay on my side.

I enjoy the work with Benji, because he has so much fun and is concentrated to perform the steps right. He learns really fast and build up a high stamina. Sometimes it’s a bit difficult because he is very stubborn and has a strong mind. He doesn’t do anything he dislike. Pulis are barking a lot and so is Benji, but I trained him a long time to keep him quiet during a performance.
A Puli isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely worth all the hard work.

We don’t have big aims for our performance at the OEC, because Benji is only 3 years old and we’ve been training HTM for 1,5 years. I’m looking forward for the special experience and would be the happiest person at the OEC as long as Benji and I have fun during our performance.


Katrin Stiller with Glenty

Hello to everybody,

I would like to introduce Glenty my soulemate of holly hill, my 6 year old black&white Border Collie bitch, and myself, Katrin Stiller. Since she was a puppy she loves to be very close to me. Even if my other dog is chasing rabbites, she would never leave my side. Heelwork is one of her passion because she can stay as close as possible with me. Sometimes she gets a little bit over exited. J I hope we can show her potential in heelwork in Stuttgart.

I am very proud to be a member of this years HTM Team of Germany. We are looking forward to Stuttgart. I will keep my fingers crossed for everyone who is competing. Good Luck and see you soon.



Lisa Joachimsky und Foxi

My name is Lisa Joachimsky and I´m dancing with my little eight year old bitch Foxi at about four years. Foxi is a Spanish rescue dog and decided, when she moved in at the age of nine month, that learning tricks is her favourite. We tried in Agiliy and other dog sports and finally ended up in dogdance. First we danced at partys and little events, in 2010 we competed on a official competition for the first time.

Thanks to my very talented Foxi we very fast danced up in highest dogdance class in Germany und qualified for OEC in Netherlands 2013. We competed in freestyle and HTM then.

This year is a very special year for Foxi and me, we qualified another time to join the german team at OEC 2014, this time in Stuttgart. We will compete in HTM this year.

The other very special event in 2014 was us dancing at crufts in Birmingham. Foxi my crazy little Terrier gave her very best as she always does and it was a very very special moment for the two of us. Since the time in England Foxi hat a special name too: One and only Foxita 😉


So, I am very proud to be part of team Germany and the OEC in Stuttgart 2014.

I hope to be able to give my best, so as my little Foxiallways does.

I wish all participants and visitors a great time and lot of fun… Enjoy the OEC, enjoy Stuttgart and enjoy Germany.


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