Aurelie and Cheyenne
I’m Aurelie Devulder, my dog ​​is Cheyenne, he will celebrate his 4 years in October, is a shetland sheepdog.
I practice with her ​​dog dancing for 3 years, I love working with him, we have a strong relationship, we are complicit.
I’m really looking forward to coming to the CAB, to share good time with our friends dancers!
see you soon
Marie France Mattern and Clips
When I was a child I loved to dance. I amused my family with my demonstrations of hoola-hoop, twist and other performances.
Later, I urged my husband to follow me into dance classes, because I wanted to make a dance competition show.
He said, “Never in my dreams, but I’ll authorize you to find you a partner.”
So I searched and I found him: he is wonderful, tender, affectionate and we are the perfect dancing couple: He is my lovely poodle : CLIPS.
Too bad for my husband :)”
1391793_251387471685815_1403893659_n[1]Roger Buoncore




Hendi will be 2 years in this month.

I have applied dog-dancing for 8 years yet with dogs of the breeds as follows : two Tibet terriers, schapendoes and this young border- collie.

The main activities of all my four dogs are seen in canine therapy (i.e. in their everyday work for helping handicapped children).



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