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Anja Christiansen and Queeny
Queeny and I have been doing Heelwork to Music since she was a puppy.  Queeny  is a Danish Heelwork to Music Champion and became the first Nordic Heelwork to music Champion in January 2014. Queeny is a Rally Obedience Champion and really enjoys agility. 
Queeny and I have had the honour of representing Denmark since 2010 and we have had so many great experiences together. Queeny is my soulmate and I am looking forward to another big event with her and all of you 🙂
 We are looking so much forward to see you all in the ring. Good luck everybody!!!!


sidsel1 sidsel2
Sidsel Lauridsen and Wave

My name is Sidsel Lauridsen and I have been dancing with my border collie Wave for 4 years. Last year Wave achieved the title Danish HTM champion.We have represented the Danish National team at the World Championship 2012 and 2014, The OEC 2013 andThe Nordic Championship 2013. I love dancing with Wave she inspires me so much.

Besides dancing we do rally obedience and wave is National Show Champion.

Our program is a story about a man who lives in the ghetto, and one day he gets shot. His best friend saves him,and he gets a second chance to do something good with his life.Second chances sometimescarry a very high price.

We are really looking forward to seeing you all.

Sidsel& Wave, Denmark


Liv Elmark and Mango

Mango and I have been training HTM since she was a puppy. Besides HTM we are attending shows and training rally obedience. I am looking forward to see you all in Stuttgart.


randi4 randi3

Randi Laursen and Soko

My name is Randi Laursen and I will be competing at the OEC with my little terrier mix Soko. Soko is 8 years old and she is a rescue dog. I don’t know what breed she is, but she is a clever and funny little dog, that loves chasing cats, digging holes, catching mice and training with me.

Some years ago I heard about something called “dog dancing”. I thought it sounded a little weird, but when my agility club had a course I attended to learn some tricks to do with my dogs, when we were not running agility.

In that course I fell in love with freestyle and I attended more courses and soon after a competition. I think it is a wonderful sport. I love the music-part, the costumes, the acting, and the fact that it’s you who make the program and you who decide the which exercises your dog should do.

Since then I’ve been competing with my whippet in freestyle and HTM and with Soko in freestyle. Today i don’t do agility any more, it’s all freestyle and HTM.

I’m so glad and proud that we’ve been selected for the team and I look forward to the experience and to seeing all of you in Stuttgart.


Pernille and Zion

I have been training tricks with Zion, my Australian Shepherd, since he was a puppy. He is now 6 years old. I did not have any plan about competing with him when I got him. But when he was 2 years old I decided to try compete in obedience. We did so in a little over 2 years. But I was very fascinated with dogdancing and therefore began to compete in freestyle in april 2012. I love many things about the sport. Among other things it is great that you can make a great routine that fits the dog no matter what kind of dog you have and also it is such a versatile sport.


This is our first championship and I look forward to a great experience 🙂


FS DK Annette and Hallie

Annette Klink Dalgaard with sheltie Ophian Huggable Hallie (called Hallie).

Hallie is my own breeding – only 3 years old and has been competing the last 1½ years in dog dancing. Her older sister Gucci was also chosen for the Danish freestyle team, but unfortunately she was run over by a car in September and did not survive.


Hallie is running agility and doing rally obedience and obedience, too – though she likes agility and dog dancing the most.


We started doing heelwork to music, but for fun started freestyle too, and  she quickly advanced to intermediate class. She is now on the verge to advanced class.


Hallie is a very cuddly dog but has also a meaning of her own. We are looking forward to do our best at OEC 2014 – hoping that Hallie will get some “cuteness factor” points for her routine J


HTM DK Annette and Neo


Annette Klink Dalgaard with border collie Kløverbakken’s Jack Sparrow (called Neo).


Neo has been on the Danish national dog dancing team several times since 2009, where is debut was in freestyle.


Neo is a very eager dog, so even though he is both Danish and Swedish freestyle champion we are now concentrating on heelwork in competitions and is saving freestyle for displays – as he loves to do tricks and is very good at it, too.

Neo is of course also Danish heelwork champion, Danish show champion, Danish obedience champion, Danish Rally obedience champion and Danish Rally Super Champion.


As a reserve for the Danish HTM team, Neo has been a part of the team winning gold in World championships in 2010, Nordic championships in 2013, OEC 2013,  and as a full member winning freestyle team silver at Nordic championships in 2009 and HTM team bronze at world championships in 2014. We are now proud of being a part of the HTM team for OEC 2014 representing Denmark with 3 other very skilled heelwork enthusiasts.


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