Czech Republic

Vanda Gregorová with Brandy & Roxy
Roxy the Chihuahua is 9 years old bitch, very quiet and calm in common life. She never barks, ignoring other dogs and most people around her. We are competing in dogdance only. She placed several times at Czech championship and won second place at World Championship 2012. Secret information is that Roxy is in love with other dog in CZ freestyle team, Border collie Angel :-).She loves to scratch his nose and lick his face.
Brandy is my most successful dog. She is multitalented Australian Shepherd – competes in obedience, agility, IPO and of course in dogdance. She comes from old american working bloodlines, has a very strong “will to please” and is easy to work with.
Brandy is happiest in the middle of group of people who pet her. Sometimes it seems that she thinks about herself, that she is human also :).







Nameofthehandler (jméno psovoda): Daniela Šišková


Nameofthe dog – pedigree (jméno psa z PP): Aurora PiranhaRainy Love

Nicknameofthe dog (přezdívka – volací jméno psa): Rori


Age ofthe dog (věk psa): 6


Infoaboutourroutine (informace o vaší sestavě – hudba, námět atd.):

Ourroutinefocusses on theaccuracyofmilitarydrills and orders – in a little bit funnyway.


Experienceswithdogdancing (zkušenosti s dogdancingem):

I startedwithdogdancingwiththegermanshepardSindyof my grandpa and thencontinuedwith my own dog Rori. We are competingsince 5 years in Heelworkand Freestyle,


Greatestsuccesses (největší úspěchy):

5th place in OEC 2013 and allroutineswhichwefinished as wehavetrained and plannedJ


Others(pokud vás napadá cokoli dalšího, co by bylo fajn zmínit): —-




Name of the handler: Veronika Tvrdá


Name of the dog – pedigree : All For You Based on Ball

Nickname of the dog : Sandy

Breed : border collie

Age of the dog : 2 years


Info about our routine :

Our routine is a simple dance in Irish style, based on the irish dancing group Feet of Flames. The song is called Siamsa and represents the joy of dance itself. “Siamsa” is Irish word for ‘pleasant musical diversion’. That’s why I do not use any props, we are simply dancing.



Experiences with dogdancing : I’m new to this sport, competing mainly with my older (3y.) dog.



Greatest successes : With Sandy, we passed basic heelwork exam and competed in Czech championship in Heelwork to Music division. The main successes are those, when Sandy doesn’t bark all the routine 🙂



Others : Sandy was said never to return in any sport, due to her joint illness (dysplasia). We never gave up, avoided operation, exercised a lot, started medication. Now she is happy and healthy enough to life happy life and compete in sports such as dogdancing, or herd sheep – what she loves.





Irena Istvankova

Nameofthe dog – pedigreeMysticLaylaAibara

Nicknameofthedog: Layla


Age ofthe dog: 4 years



Theroutinenarrates a story oftheimmortalwarriorwhorecognizesthat not everyonewholookslikeanenemyis a real rival. He willfindoutthatthe rival is his friend and togetherthey are stronger.



Laylais myfirst dog who has beentrainedfordogdancing


Second place attheCZChampionship in 2013 in Freestyle division



Weenjoyourtimetogether as much as possible. Welike to play frisbee and Laylaisourgreat partner in my life!We love her!


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