Christel van Boven and Gismo

Gismo is now 7 years old, and has been competing in Heelwork to music successfully for the last 4 years…she has represented Belgium in this competition 3 times. She is an absolute star, my everything, she had a troubled start but proved that with age comes wisdom ..and is a role model for her new housemate puppy Ziva. Gismo Always gives me her best, and I am so proud of her many achievements in our beloved sport. This year will be no exception, we will be there to do our best, but also enjoy ourselves and the event…Looking forward to seeing everyone again…Good luck to the team (& our Coach) and of course all other competitors…Lets Party!

Christel & Gremlings
Christiane Hanchir and Luna
I am Christiane Hanchir and I am dancing mit my Australian Sheperd Luna since 6 years. Our incredible dogdance adventure has taken us to 2 world championships (Salzburg and Helsinki ) and 2 OECs (Prague and Burgum).


IMG_0250 0844-23 février 2014

Herlinde Jans and Sharilin Kiki

City/Country: Zonhoven /België

Breed: Border Colie

Dog Age: 3 years

Male/Female: Female
Music, Artist and Title: Flamenco and Paso Doble Mix

Why did you choose this Music and what do you like about it?

Chosen for the rhythm and the temperament

What do you like about Dog Dance?

I love my dogs and dancing and it is the ideal discipline to have a lot of fun together.
Closely working with my dogs in a positive way makes me intensely happy.

What is the nicest Dog Dance experience you’ve had with your dog?

At the dog show WDS in Helsinki. Here we could waken the emotions and admiration with the audiance.
Which national and or international results have you and your dog achieved in Dog Dance?

Being just 3 year , she got a lot of podiums in the Belgian competition and starts to paticipate as international . Now the whole World is open as a Dog Dancer.
Is there anything else you would like to see mentioned about you and or your dog?

A wonderful and sweet dog, with a tremendous work ethic. She is for me,not only beautiful but also intelligent. We hope to have a lot of fun dancing together. We wish all competitors a lot of fun and sportmenship.

Greets from Herlinde & Kiki



Luc Daems and Tschaka
Tchaka is already 9 years oldIn the past he was allways a member of the Belgium team Dog Dancing on the championship.

Tchaka plays in HTM and in free Style
At this championship he is reserve for HTM and plays only in free style
His best performance was in HTM at the World Championship in Salzburg where he was in the finale and became 8°. In Free Style was his best performance at the World championship earlier this year with a 12the place.
For myself, I’m for 4 years the president of the Belgium dog dance Federation from the Belgian kennel club.
I have my whole life dogs to train with.
I played obedience before with several dogs, most of the time suise white shepherd, but one of my most remarkable fact is when I was playing with my Jack Russell, who died earlier this year. I made it to the final of the Belgian Championship obedience  in 2003 and at this moment it’s still the only jack Russell who made it that far.
Luc Daems
jules_matisse2 jules_matisse
Matisse Freestyle
This will be Matisse’s 4th time competing in Freestyle at the OEC for Team Belgium
My brown boy will be 8 years old in November and has been competing at International level for some years now.
He has achieved a place in the final each time, and was 2nd in 2011, as was our team
His most memorable achievement has to be the Crufts International event…he has qualified since 2011, and in 2013 he took the title, and an honourable 2nd place last year
He loves having an audience…he adores people,  I call him affectionately, ‘Airhead’ as he is always enthusiastic and just loves to ‘do his thing’…sometimes he allows me to join in!
We are again looking forward to competing, and of course meeting old friends and new ones
Matisse & I wish all competitors a great competition, especially our team members…have fun!
Jules_chase2 jules_chase
Chase Heelwork to Music
This will be Chase’s 4th OEC also, In 2011 he made his debut with a Demo, before competing for Belgium the following years
Chase is 6 years old…and a total mummy’s boy…he is the most sensible dog I have, and loves to come and tell me if one of the other dogs are misbehaving…
He is totally commited to me, and is a real pleasure to work and train…I am his main ‘hobby’ he is always in my shadow, and usually jumping on my shadow! his only other hobby!
In the 2 years he has competed he reached the final in 2012 and just missed out on the final 10 last year..(11th)
He has provided me with many memorable moments, as one of the first dogs to achieve success when it was added as a second catagory at competitions in Belgium…
Im so, so proud of my boy…and whatever happens, we will enjoy our experience together…and have fun
Chase wishes his team mates lots of luck and of course all other competitors and teams..
Lets have a good one…

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