Nóra Karlyik


I started my dog training career by doing agility back in 1996.
This is how I discovered dog dancing; I saw a heelwork to music demo during the break at an agility competition. I was completely enchanted by the harmony between dog and handler, the interesting moves and tricks that I haven’t seen before, and all these things accompanied by music had a great effect. I almost immediately decided that I want to do this too. The first Hungarian dogdance competition was in 2003, where I took part in the organisation and also competed with my bearded collie Sherlock. In the following years we participated at several competitions with success, both in Hungary and abroad, while agility also remained my passion. I currently compete with my bearded collie Hippi.

Judging has also interested me since the very beginning, I have studied a number of different rules and judging systems, and also took part in the training of Hungarian judges. I had the opportunity to judge at several famous competitions since 2008. I believe that judging at the OEC will be a great challenge, but at the meantime it is a great honour for me, as the top competitors from each country will display their talents and compare their skills.

I wish every competitor and their four-legged companions good luck!


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