Katharina Henf


My name is Katharina Henf, born 1983, and I want to say first, what a joy and

honor it is for me to judge the OEC in Stuttgart. I live in

Northern Germany and I´m dancing with my border collies Sally and Lane, 7

and 6 years old.

My personally dogdance story is too long to tell it here. I started in the end of the 90s with my small personal Wonder Dog, that was ready for all crimes 😉 Since that time, the great world of dog sports was and still is my home, I practice nearly everything that humans and dogs is fun: agility, dogdance, obedience, discdogging, dummy training, lunging, ralley obedience / dogdance .


In dogdance, my little miracle dog Dixie (always in my heart) showed me things I love still today : dogs and humans absolutly in harmony, to feel the music together , to enjoy the development of the routine. Each team is different, has its own strengths and weaknesses and deserves an individual and fair judging.


As a judge I especially like free and unimpressed dogs who can work with fun even in competitions. That´s why my own my four-legged partners aren´t ready to go to competitions, they have physical problems. But this is precisely the stimulus on dogdance: no matter what aim you follow … already the training is for many human-Dog- teams a big win, it´s fact that this sport is free for almost every team.


I love happy dogs and laughing people, I love music, that carries emotions and I love the dance and movement harmony! I LOVE DogDance !!!


I look forward to an exciting OEC and wish every team a lot of fun in presenting their dogs and their routines!


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