Heather Smith

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    I have been involved in various dog activities including showing, agility and obedience however it was about 10 years ago I became involved in Canine Freestyle/HTM and during this time I have worked four Bearded Collies in Advanced in both disciplines.

    I got involved in this sport after attending a training day and quickly became hooked. My dogs and I love the varied nature of the training and the opportunity to be creative in our training and in our routines.

    I started out with Skye who was a retired agility/obedience dog that needed something to do in life, and she represented Scotland twice in the International Freestyle at Crufts before finally retiring. She’s living out retirement here at 18 years old! Bonnie also started out with us, she represented Scotland in the Freestyle International and retired three years ago having qualified for both the HTM and Freestyle finals at Crufts. That year was very special for me as I had also qualified Maddie in both competitions too. Maddie was the first dog I got specifically to do HTM/ Freestyle and by two years of age she was competing at Crufts in the HTM Final. Maddie has won the HTM Final at Crufts three times and has been runner up in both the FS Final and the International FS on various occasions. My younger Beardie, Gertie is both Advanced in HTM and Freestyle and I am very excited for her future as she has attitude, versatility and fabulous heelwork.

    I have also a year old Bichon Frise, my first small dog in over thirty years! And this year I have rescued a 3 year old called Dare, who is learning to be as confident as my other girls.

     I am very much looking forward to the OEC in Stuttgart – it is a great honour to be asked to judge. Wishing everyone lots of luck with their training, a safe journey to the show and much enjoyment in the ring with your dogs.

One response to “Heather Smith

  1. Hi Heather,
    So glad that you come for judging.
    Looking forward to a fine competition.

    Carmen with Gimli & Yedi

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