Esther Niemeijer


My name is Esther Niemeijer and I live in the Netherlands with my 4 dogs: Jamie and Yuna (Shelties) and Jody and Alice (Aussies).

I’ve been involved in dog training since 2001, when I got my first dog, Ninja, a Labrador. During the years my dogs and I have been active in all kinds of dog sports, including obedience, agility, flyball, show handling, gundog training and – of course – dog dancing.

I became fascinated with dog dancing in 2007, when I saw a demo. I loved seeing the bond between the dog and handler, the flashy moves, the music, the costume choice, the total picture… I started training my dogs for dog dancing in that year and since then I’ve competed in about 10 countries across Europe.

With Jamie (9,5 years) I’m not competing anymore, but we have competed in both Heelwork to Music and Freestyle. Jamie is a Champion in both divisions and has won the Dutch Championships HTM two times (2009/2010). We participated in the Dutch team at two European Championships and at two World Championships. We have also represented Holland at the International Freestyle Competition at Crufts in 2012. An unforgettable experience. Jamie is and will always be my star, he always gives it his all, his motivation always through the roof…. however, his barking was always our downfall at competitions, unfortunately.

With Jody (5 years) I’m currently competing in the Advanced class in both Freestyle and HTM. Jody was a member of the Dutch team at the World Championships in Austria and at the European Championships in Prague and Holland. She’s a hard one to get motivated but when she wants too, she can work very well. She has received several podium places at the Dutch Championships in both HTM and Freestyle.

My young dogs, Yuna (2 years) and Alice (Jody’s daughter, 1 year), are currently in training and have yet to gain some competition-experience.

I compete, give demos and workshops whenever I have time. I am also judging at competitions in Holland and abroad, which I enjoy doing as well. In 2013 I was one of the organizers of the OEC that took place in Burgum, Holland.

I am very honored to have been asked to judge at this year’s OEC, and I’m looking forward to seeing and meeting all the handlers and their dogs, this time from behind the judges table! I want to wish everyone all the best with their performance, and enjoy every moment in the ring!

See you in Stuttgart!

Esther Niemeijer



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