getting there

There are several possibilties to get to the OEC. We’ve listed them for you.
Here’s a link with information on travelling with pets to Germany. Coming from an EU member state, your dog needs a pet passport, a microchip and a valid rabies injection. Outside the EU regulations vary:

by car
The Stuttgart trade fair center, where the OEC will be held, is easily accesible by car. The A8, a large motorway, is only meters away. You can actually directly drive into the parking garage from the motorway.
To give you some ideas: In order to get to Stuttgart, you’ll need 2hrs from Zurich, 4.5hrs from Prague, 5hrs from Brussels, 5.5hrs from Paris, 6hrs from Amsterdam and Vienna,7hrs from Bratislava, 8hrs from Budapest, 9hrs from London, 10hrs from Copenhagen, Rome and Warsaw, 16hrs from Oslo, 23hrs from Moscow, 25hrs from Helsinki, 48hrs from Baku and so on.

winter tyres
We have a law in Germany that states that when you are driving in wintery conditions you’ll need to have suitable tyres on your car. If you are found to not apply to this law, it can cost you a fine of 40€, if you obstruct others, it can cost 80€.  Actually, this means that you are allowed to drive with summer tyres, as long as you’re not driving while there are wintery conditions. We don’t feel that this law is strictly enforced, especially not with foreign cars, but we wanted to let you know so that you can decide for yourselves. The conditions on German roads in Winter are normally good, especially on motorways.
For more information on which type of car tyres count as winter tyres and the regulations cf.:

Parking is possible directly at the trade fair center. Caravans, Campervans and high buses need to get in touch with us, though – as you’ll need special parking spots.

by train
The nearest train station with international connections (e.g. Paris, London…) is Stuttgart Central Station, the so called “Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof”, often abbreviated as Stuttgart Hbf. From there, a metro train (“S-Bahn”) takes you to the OEC in about 15 minutes. The airport and the Stuttgart trade fair exhibition halls share a metro station called “Stuttgart Flughafen” (Stuttgart airport).
Dogs are allowed in trains in Germany, though they are charged as children unless they don’t exceed the size of a cat and are carried in a cage. The rules of the German national railway company state that dogs should were a muzzle. Although noone does that, just make sure to have a muzzle at hand, when needed. See here for their rules:
Click here in order to buy train tickets to Stuttgart Central Station (“Stuttgart Hbf”):

by plane
Stuttgart International Airport is a big airport with international flights. The best for us: it’s just  across the street!
Several national and international airlines allow dogs in the cabin or in special boxes in the freight hold of the plane. Costs depend.
For more information on Stuttgart Airport, just visit their site
These are the airlines that directly serve Stuttgart Airport:

If you plan to fly to Stuttgart with your dog, we would advise you to start checking which possibilities you have and then getting in touch with the respective airlines. If we can be of any assistance, please let us know. We’re more than happy to help.


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