About the OEC 2014

The Open European Championships in Heelwork to Music and Freestyle 2014 will be a bit different to those the years before. We hope that you’ll like the changes and we aim to make the OEC 2014 as much fun as the others have been.

The OEC 2014 will take place from the 14th of November till the 16th of November, 2014. This year, it will be part of a trade far called “ANIMAL” that takes place in Stuttgart. The OEC ring and the participants area will be in the big foyer of the trade fair centre. This means that we’ll have lots of light and also lots of spectators, but we’re not in the middle of a big hall. Please note that the ANIMAL is not a dog show, but many pet owners will bring their dogs. This is why we will have an exclusive “OEC zone” for you and your dogs from which you will even be able to see what’s going on in the ring.

We feel very lucky to be able to present our sport to a big audience whilst trying to ensure the best opportunities for you and your dog. There have been some questions of whether other animals are part of the trade fair: yes, they are. It’s all about pets ranging from reptiles to horses. These animals are in other halls, however, so if you do not wish to have contact, you don’t have to.

Because we thought the OEC, as is, was always a very nice and familiar event and holding it at a trade fair could make it lose it’s familarity, we had the idea of searching for a hotel that would be able to care for us all. This is how we found our team hotel. By this and by our participant zone, we hope to keep the OEC’s spirit.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment or contact us.


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