some more details on the OEC schedule

Hello everybody,

just in case some of you are already planning their trip, here some more detailed information on the OEC’s preliminary schedule.

Although we realised the OEC meeting’s wish of 5 judges, we couldn’t follow its idea of more competition days. So this is how the days will look like (as far as we know at the moment):

Team Training day. The ring will be all set up yet noises surrounding it have to be expected as the trade fair exhibitors are bringing in and setting up their equipment.
The Team area will be set up as well and will be a more quiet spot to give your dogs a rest.
In the evening “Get together dinner” in the Team hotel.

Competition day.
In the evening OEC meeting with representatives of each country in the Team hotel.

Competition day.

For those of you that are members of the Dogdance International e.V. – thanks to a member’s idea we’re thinking about a meeting on Thursday evening to exchange important points, especially because so many international members will be present.

Please note this is preliminary and changes can be made.
See you in Stuttgart!



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